Solaser, Global Solar Laser Mirror Network is an energy, communication, navigation, transportation and defense system consisting of 5 levels of inter connected concentric self-launched/self-propelled aerospace satellites and 2 levels of atmospheric buoyant aeroships: Solar Stationary Ring, Moon Stationary Ring, Geo Stationary Ring, Geo Orbital Ring, High Atmospheric Ring, Low Tethered Atmospheric Ring. Solaser is an Aerospace Sandaeronet made of Aerospace Sandaeroships. Solaser can supply energy directly to aero-aqua-terrestrial fixed and/or moving vehicles/homes/enterprises.

Solaser can protect Earth from asteroids, comets, solar flares, gamma ray bursts, global warming, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, cyclones, missiles, aircraft and artillery. It can also disable armed humans, heating up weapons and brain to non-lethal temperature. Solaser can provide energy directly to homes and vehicles with solar panels converting photons to electrons; photonic free space and optic fiber communication; Lidar navigation and Space Sail propulsion potentially until close to the speed of light. Photonic solenoid network configuration can generate a gravitosphere around Earth or any moon/planet, just like an electric solenoid of orbital rings can generate an artificial photosphere or magnetosphere, reinforcing existing or recreating old or new, protecting from solar atmosphere/water depletion.

The temperature of Earth can be controlled avoiding global warming or ice ages. Temperature of blocks of atmospheric air can be controlled and maneuvered, dispersing catastrophic weather events. Solar mirror/lens concave dishes concentrate solar rays in front focal point, where a flat mirror reflects it to the next Satellite, concentrating and aggregating photonic beams to form a Laser. Ground/Atmosphere/Space dishes on light side of Earth/Planet can transmit solar energy to the dark side and disintegrate/deflect incoming asteroid, comet, space debris or hostile missile/aircraft detected w/ Radar/Lidar.

If a Laser beam is split and sent to different locations, as 1/2 to Earth and 1/2 to Moon, Venus or Mars, theoretical and empirical evidence shows that the photons of separated beams will remain entangled by orbiting gravitons, at faster than light speed. This is one of the methods to generate real time quasi-instantaneous interplanetary communication via gravitonic Gasers (the others are via a free space laser or fiber optic solenoid or toroid), allowing for example use of Sandaeroprints (3D printer/assembler) to mass produce Sandaerobots, as a Remote Human Robot sold and controlled from Earth.

Solaser is also the base for a future Sandaerovator (Space Elevators) and Sandaerospace (Space Station Rings). Atmospheric and ocean temperature/radiation can be managed with Solaser, increasing life suitability on Earth and any moon or planet, including Venus and Mars. Nuclear fission, including 60s thorium/molten salt small reactors are unpopular, unsafe, inefficient, obsolete. The Sun is a free fusion reactor w/ low cost laser distribution available, including re-ignition of hydrogen plasma in planetary and vehicle reactors.

Excess energy/heat/atmosphere/chemicals/materials of VENUS can be laser beamed or Laser Sail-Way (spacecraft surrounded in the laser beam) transported to Earth, Moon and Mars. Venusian aeroponic floating AEROFORESTS can reduce planet temperature and convert atmosphere from CO2 to oxygen, with water extracted from atmospheric vapor. VENUS AERO CITY (Ven Acity) mobile atmospheric modular Sandaeroship mission/colony on the dark face of Venus, should be executed before Mars, because it has a surplus of resources, higher profitability and similar gravity to Earth. Photonic beam communication time delay between planets/moons/stars can be overcome by photon entanglement, solenoid and/or toroid generating a gravitonic beam (Graviton particles moving at quasi-instantaneous faster-than-light speed) forming a Solaser upgrade to an Universe Quantum Network (UNIQUA) of electric, photonic and gravitonic beams. UNIQUA will allow Remote Human Robots (RHR) to operate in real time inter planets and moons.

EVERYONE can go Venus, Moon, Mars and anywhere in the Universe by the way of a laser (or graver, quasi-instantaneous gravitonic beam) communication with a Dependent Remote Human Robot (RHR Sandaerobot) and/or Independent Bio Clone (Sandaeroclone), developed by a 3D cyber/bio printer and Permanent Life Fluid Incubator (, on Earth, on spaceship or sent to the destination on a laser-sail mini-ship and made there. This is the best way to get EVERYONE to the nearest potential habitable red-dwarf-stars/planets Alpha/Proxima Centauri/Proxima b (Centaurus Constellation), Ross-128/Ross-128b (Virgo Constellation) and Trappist-1/Trappist-1e (Aquarius constellation) are about 4 light-years, 11 light-years and 40 light-years from Earth.

Solaser is a Sandaeronet Solar Mirror Satellite Laser Network that can concentrate and beam energy from the bright side of Venus to the dark side, Mars, Moon and Earth. Venus AeroCity and AeroForests have mobile module unlimited expansion, at a 50-60 km altitude on the dark side of Venus. The Venus Colony will produce energy, Graphene and other materials, gases and chemicals, laser transported to Earth, Moon and Mars.

Phase 1: Sandaeroship Solaser / AeroCity / AeroForest Modules built on the Ground.
Phase 2: Elevation of Solaser / AeroCity / AeroForest to 20-30km altitude of Earth.
Phase 3: Elevation of 3/4 of Solaser and 2/4 AeroCity/AeroForest to geo stationary orbit.
Phase 4: Laser/Rocket Propulsion of 2/4 of Solaser and 1/4 of Aero City/Aero Forest to Venus .
Phase 5: AeroCity/AeroForest mobile at 55km/27C/90%gravity following the sun setted side of Venus.
Phase 6: 1/4 Solaser follow the sun setting side of Venus and 1/4 at geo stationary orbit above AeroCity.

Adding 3 Solaser and 3 Aero City/Aero Forest modules allows to send them simultaneously to Venus, Moon and Mars, then connecting the 7 Solaser modules with a Solar Laser beam, reflected from Venus to Earth to Moon to Mars to Venus, forming an energy and communication network. Because the gravity of Moon and Mars is different from Earth/Venus, the mobile modules would have a vertical Sandaerospace rotating configuration that can be floating in space orbit, anchored by cable or by a Sandaerotower to the ground, as a giant wheel, generating additional centrifugal force to add gravity to modules. Another alternative is the GRASC configuration, Gravity Solenoid Cylinder (Sandaerograv), where a rotating or not cylinder, additionally has atmospheric, magnetic and gravitonic pressure, generating a magnetic shield and gravitational force.

Adding 2 Solaser and 2 Aero City/Aero Forest modules allows to send them also to Europa (Jupiter) and Titan (Saturn).

Solar Mirror/Lens Laser transporting solar-sail mini-space ship/station/robot to Moon, Mars, Venus in minutes.
Mini-Mirror-Laser-LifeShips as MBLS, MINIBAC-LIGHT-LIFESHIP, mini mirror starships to introduce cyanobacterias to transform CO2 in O2, in Venus, Mars, Titan, Europa and Proxima B, closest planet outside the solar system, at the Alpha/Proxima Centauri System, via Solaser Interstellar Laser Highway. Stellar winds at Proxima B are expected to be much higher than Earth, needing Solaser Satellite Mirror Protection protection before forming significant atmosphere.
A Ball Lense
Solar Laser Network
Solaser Interstellar
Laser Spaceway
Laser Rocket Sandaeroship
Sun light can break marginally and inefficiently CO2 in C + O2 as it has occurred on Earth, Mars and Venus, but this Oxygen will/was probably mostly lost/expelled by solar winds, with CO2 remaining, unless combining with H2 to form heavier H2O to descend beneath the CO2 as vapor and liquid.

Laser (VUV Vacuum Ultraviolet Light) can increase direct conversion of at least 5% of CO2 into C+O2 and with addition of H2, H2O + C (graphene or water soluble graphene oxide) deposits on glass, metal, mirror plates can be produced. A black rain of water and graphene oxide could be produced. Lasered graphene oxide can be converted to graphene.

Sandaerolaser, Sandaeropipe (LaserPipe) on Earth, Venus and Mars atmosphere can convert macro CO2 atmosphere and micro CO2 from Humans using Air/O2, that could be recycled back to O2 plus graphene or graphene oxide and/or water, sugars, hydrocarbons with addition of Hydrogen.