UNIQUA is an Universal Quantum Network, an electronic-photonic-gravitonic system, where the highest performance concentrated gravitons form a gravitonic beam or GRAVER, used for communication, computation, energy and transportation above the speed of light. A photonic solenoid/toroid and laser photon split entanglement can generate a beam from orbiting gravitons with quasi-instantaneous speed.

QC, Quantum Computer, is a new gravitonic-photonic-electric quantic paradigm of computation, allowing Universal Quantum Network (UNIQUA) communication and computation, using gravitons, photons and electrons as information carriers; linear optical elements including beam splitters, phase shifters and mirrors to process quantum information; detectors/memories to identify/store quantum information.

Gravitonic, photonic and electric quantum nano/micro/macro processors can create "qubits" of beam split photons entangled by gravitons, that could be encoded/read by thermal/optical/electrical devices, for micro-macro, atomic-cosmic Universal Quantum Network computation and communication above the speed of light. Entangled electron/photon/gravitons can have multinary states as opposed to just binary states.

QN, Quantum Nanoscope and QRI, Quantum Ressonance Imaging, is a gravitonic sub-photonic quantum nanoscope, for nano-micro-macro bio imaging with better resolution than a photonic optical microscope or a MRI, Magnetic (photonic) Ressonance Imaging or than X-ray. Photons/electrons can image/destroy cells, organelles, membranes, tissue, molecules, but gravitons have the highest potential neutral resolution. Laser split photons can surround the imaging medium while the photons are entangled by gravitons running through it, producing a disturbance in the graviton field contrasted with the free graviton field. A photonic solenoid and/or a toroid configuration can produce concentrated field powerfull gravitonic beam (graver).

SANDAERONET/SOLASER/UNIQUA are gravitonic-photonic-electronic systems of communication, energy and transportation above/at/below the speed of light. Sandaeroprint creates Sandaerobots that offer robotic remote Human control in real time with Solaser/Uniqua. Sandaerospace offers Artificial Gravity by rotation centrifugal force but with partial imbalance for lateral movement, that can be improved w/ gravity solenoid cylinder, GRASC.

GRASC, Gravity Solenoid Cylinder, has a photonic/electric solenoid that can combine gravitonic, photonic (magnetic) and molecular (air) pressure to an individual/object (magnetized suit/pad), against a surface surrounded by a pressurized cylinder containing a solenoid wall. Can improve centrifugal gravity imbalance w/ vertical solenoid cylinders spinning from central axis, at end of spinning wheel or in horizontal cylinder.

Mega planetary/lunar Grasc can be used to create gravity/atmosphere on Moon and Mars ice poles for example, generating also light from the optic photonic solenoid, magnetic shield from the electric copper solenoid and heat/pressure/humidity from vapor and air produced from water electrolysis, plus an external nitrogen source. Hydrogen/vapor can also be used to fill Sandaeroblocks to sustain and envelope Grasc.

If a Laser beam is split and sent to different locations, as 1/2 to Earth and 1/2 to Moon, Venus or Mars, theoretical and empirical evidence shows that the photons of separated beams will remain entangled by orbiting gravitons, at faster than light speed, allowing the basic process for real time quasi-instantaneous interplanetary communication, for example with a Human robot remote controlled from Earth.

Quasi-instantaneous photon/electron "entanglement" and "tunneling" experiments proves gravitonic speed above the speed of light, with applications giving potential access of the multiverse to humanity. Photon entanglement, solenoid and/or toroid can generate a gravitonic beam of Graviton particles moving at quasi-instantaneous faster-than-light speed.

A gravitonic beam, a Graver when concentrated, can in theory be produced from a solenoid/toroid photonic Laser beam (or optic fiber photonic beam), just like an electric solenoid/toroid will generate a photonic beam, a Laser when concentrated. Laser Pressure over a photonic material as a mirror can generate photonic speed, just like Graver pressure, over gravitonic material, as a dense plasma, can in theory generate gravitonic speed propulsion, above the speed of light.

A Graver from a gravitonic spiral beam, spiraling from one direction to over a dense plasma, can generate a nuclear spiral erosion, that can generate a black hole, that will allow tunneling through space (1st, 2nd, 3rd dimensions) and time (4th dimension), in a 5th dimension (worm hole) to reach anywhere on this or other Universes, of our probable Multiverse (many Universes). Graviton in relative movement has kinetic energy that is the so called "dark energy" and relative stationary gravitons are the so called "dark matter".
Universal Quantum Network
Quantum System
GRASC: Gravity Solenoid Cylinder
QC: Quantum Computing
UNIQUA: Universal Quantum Network
QC: Quantum Computer
QN: Quantum Nanoscope