Space Geostationary Cities
Rotates clockwise
Does not rotate
(multi directional accelerator)
Rotates counter-clockwise
Independent cube-sphere modules:
Sphere rotates to adjust floor angle
to centripetal force to mimic gravity.
Sandaerospace is a large scale multi-modular Sandaeroship, with a rotational gravity cube-sphere configuration. Counter-rotating segments spin around a central axis, generating centripetal force from structure connected to the center. Counter centrifugal "reaction force" (inertia), on loose objects and living bodies inside the structure wall or vertical floor, pushes in opposite direction, similar to planetary gravity, avoiding health and practical issues from the no or low gravity in space. Sandaeroship module buoyancy, propellers and/or rockets allow full or partial ground, atmosphere to space transport. It can also fully capture an Asteroid for safety steering, mining and/or colonizing, with 1 to 4 configurations attached to 1 to 4 asteroid sides. Sandaerospace can be mounted or expanded on the ground, low atmosphere and/or in space at ultra low cost. It can be used as Space Ship, geostationary or orbital Space Stations and ground Bases, in low gravity space bodies (planets, moons and Asteroids). Eartia and Venia, Sandaerospace cubic ship-station-factory, 1st mother-ships to Earth and Venus, producing Sandaeroblock-net-car-train-bridge-city-bot-life, carbon/graphene, water/hydrogen/oxygen, terra-form/climate-control/mine-develop Solar Federation Planets/Satellites/Asteroids.
Independent cube-sphere modules join to form rotational structure configuration. The module sphere rotates floor/ceiling to adjust to the centripetal force direction (F = =mv2/r) (mass, acceleration, velocity and radius). Normal Earth gravity (9.80665 m/s2) can be produced by full rotation time orbit and radius combinations (15s/56m; 30s/224 m; 60s/896m). Geostationary Sandaerospace can be also accessed by elevator Sandaerovator. Multi orbit Sandaerospaces can have velocity synchronized with upward tensile or propulsive counter force to allow straight elevation until geostationary orbit. Sandaerospace Space Station can be used to capture/control/mine Asteroids. Solar Mirror/Lens Laser transporting solar-sail mini-space ship/station/robot to Moon, Mars, Venus in minutes. Asteroid Space-Train System free asteroid kinetic energy, known orbits, for fixed Space-Stations, mobile Space-Ships, to free-ride/hitch-hike asteroid intra/extra-solar orbits, adjust/control them, cluster form satellites/planets, mine multi-trillion metallic-asteroids.
Light Blue Optimal Gravity Modules
Modular Counter Rotational Cuboids
Centrifuge Gravity Thematic Worlds
Ground-Base, Sky-Ceiling and Horizon-Walls
Space Elevator
connected to
Earth and Moon
GRASC Gravity Solenoid Cylinder