Big Bangs-Crunches (Bubble Universe) Super Nova/Neutron Star
and/or Big In-Out Spirals (Cone Universe) Black/White holes
create Planets, Stars, Galaxys, Universes in the Multiverse
Quantum matter-energy multi-circular orbits on the same plane generates perpendicular spiral quantum field, explaining weakening final star to black hole process, aggregating into spiral galaxy center black hole, taking matter-energy to another side of universe or multiverse to restart process. Milkyway center black hole probably comes out in Andromeda center black hole that is heading our way. 2 vortexes of matter-energy pulling together, made of "dark" or Graviton matter-energy, exchanging all quantums of matter-energy at a speed faster than photons. Astrophysics claim space-time itself can travel faster than light. In other words, space-time GRAVITONS travel faster than photons, meaning that the universe or multiverse is within reach of Humanity via black/worm holes. Galaxies moving apart faster-than-light proves higher gravitonic speed and that space-time is made of gravitons, following the quantum model logic of attributing a particle-wave describing a phenomenon or functional application, as does quantum entanglement of photons.

U-shaped matter-energy configuration of Heliosphere shows how it spirals upward and downward as Sun moves forward in space, suggesting that already or at some point the U has/will turn to O creating self-feeding loop of energy-matter, an application as a Loop Space-Way. Other possibility is of loss of energy as pre-black hole or to a black hole, as at center of Milky Way Galaxy, which in turn is heading towards the black hole of Andromeda, suggesting an application as a Black Space-Way, a path of energy-matter. Gravitons spiral orbit stars. Space-time is a Graviton field. Dark matter-energy is Graviton matter-energy. Gravitonic spiral black-white holes are a passage. Spiral orbit Gravitons erode nucleus/star to form hole. Different from empirical spiral black/white hole passage, theoretical stellar sphere black hole, can't be explained-off by mysterious singularity point claim where energy vanishes, but Einstein-Hawking model could explain energy in-out of accretion disk.

A photon is just a convention for supposedly the smallest particle transitioning to wave and supposedly space-time is relatively stable to it, representing gravity. But space-time can be represented as a field of graviton particle-waves, so the fastest speed is the speed of gravitons, gravitonic speed, or whatever the fundamental particle of space-time is called, as Spacetimons. Einstein and his followers admit that with the concept of worm hole or sci-fi warp speed, warping space-time which would be gravitonic speed, faster than light. Sandaero Uniqua communication system faster than light uses Graviton entangled Photons from laser split. If photon is unaltered it's a 0, if struck by perpendicular laser photon, it's 1, generating binary digital communication faster than light.

Some black holes are "worm holes" from a spiral star collapse from dominant inward vortex collapse as oposed to a outward or all direction collapse. Black/Worm hole is a passage faster than light, while others are "black stars", the original name given by Einstein, that collapse on itself as a concentrated Graviton energy-matter ball, with an accretion disk expelling matter. A supernova or any all direction gravitational expansion followed by a collapse of the core of the expansion, forms a black star or a ball black hole. An unidirectional spiral/vortex star system collapse will cause a nuclear spiral erosion of the star and form a black hole, as a worm hole, a passage. The exit could be a white hole/quasar, a straight flux or a gradual spiral flux as an accretion disk. Milky Way and Andromeda are probably connected by black/white (worm) hole passage and are pulling each other together. Black Hole is either an all direction gravitonic collapse Black Ball, or a gravitonic vortex passage Worm Hole. Space-Time is a field of wave-particle Gravitons, that pressure a Human on a Planet as the Atmosphere.
Atomic-Cosmic Quantum System, Universal Quantum Network and Gravitonic Faster-Than-Light Speed.

Alexandre Napoli Costa - Technology Administrator/Economist - President/CEO/CTO
SANDAERO - Global Aerospace System:
GLOBOCEAN - Global Ocean Aerospace Federation:
MESISTEM - Global Medical System:

Completing an Atomic-Cosmic Quantum System, to create an Applied Theory of Everything, depends on incorporating the gravity phenomenon, as the sub-atomic, sub-photonic particle Graviton. It's a justified distinctive size/behavior/function/application smaller quantum of matter-energy than a Photon, to unlock applications that will enable humanity to create/control Matter, Energy, Life, Planet, Star, Galaxy, Universe, Multiverse with faster than light gravitonic speed. Universe transportation, communication and energy transmission is currently very difficult because of multi billion light years speed distances. The nearest potential habitable red-dwarf-stars/planets Alpha/Proxima Centauri/Proxima b (Centaurus Constellation), Ross-128/Ross-128b (Virgo), Trappist-1/Trappist-1e (Aquarius), Gliese-12/Gliese-12b (Pisces) are about 4, 11, 40 and 40 light-years from Earth. Tau Ceti at 12 light years is the closest sun-like star. Nearby potentially made habitable Planet as Mars is months of travel at orbit transfer sub-light speed. Most Earth-like place in known Universe is at dark side borderline of Venus, near day light, at 55 km altitude, 27 Celsius, same gravity, all necessary elements for Humans.

Einstein experts claim to know more about Einstein than Einstein himself, since his quoted works were questioned by himself before and after he wrote it. In the end it seems that Einstein was in agreement with Niels Bohr that gravitation/gravitons were different from light/photons, including speed, but Einstein did come around to complete his theory to include gravitons as the fundamental particle/field of spacetime, with higher, quasi-instanteneous, speed than light. These so called gravitational waves are photonic waves travelling in gravitational field. Gravitonic waves travel at higher speed as proven by quantum entanglement, that Niels Bohr proved to Einstein and eventually made him question his neoclassic theory that is usually what majority of dogmatic scientists tend to be and want. Incremental ideas are usually prefered to radically different ones. Sandaero applies this theory for faster than light communication and transport, which opens the Universe to Humanity, while neoclassic conservatives prefer to live in old god/big bang unexplorable Universe.

An electric-photonic-gravitonic UNIVERSAL QUANTUM NETWORK (UNIQUA) can be created to make them easy to reach. Photonic speed is not the highest and gravity does not have photonic speed, it has higher Gravitonic Speed that will allow the exploration and occupation of the Universe or Multiverse, a logical consequence of a concentric atomic-cosmic quantum model where smaller energy-matter can escape to join or form other concentric energy-matter quantum. Light-speed laser communication is delayed by minutes, limiting real time intra-stellar Venus/Mars remote controlled bots for example. Laser split entangles photons with gravitons allowing quasi-instant communication +3 billion km/sec. Gravitons orbit photons and space-time is mainly of field of gravitons. Collapse/movement of an entangled photon can be recorded quasi-instantaneously and translated to a binary code 0/1 for example, generating communication. That information does not have to be communicated by observer by under light speed communication, because the change is the quasi-instantaneous communication. Gravitons orbit photons, mainly forming space-time field, smallest significant quantum of matter- energy. Entangled photons, are connected by orbiting-field chain Gravitons, first bumps last in-between energy-matter space-time, generating quasi-instantaneous matter-energy-communication.

QC, Quantum Computer, is a new gravitonic-photonic-electric quantic paradigm of computation, allowing Universal Quantum Network (UNIQUA) communication and computation, using gravitons, photons and electrons as information carriers; linear optical elements including beam splitters, phase shifters and mirrors to process quantum information; detectors/memories to identify/store quantum information. As laser from Venus is split to Earth/Mars entangling photons by orbiting gravitons in a space field of gravitons, every time unit photon that is not changed is coded as 0, changed as 1, generating quasi-instantaneous digital-information graviton-photon network/computer. An Avatarbot on Venus or Mars could be remote-controlled in real-time from Earth with a 360 screen interface collected by 360 cameras on Venus/Mars. Gravitons orbit photons, mainly forming space-time field, smallest significant quantum of matter- energy. Entangled photons, are connected by orbiting-field chain Gravitons, first bumps last in-between energy-matter space-time, generating quasi-instantaneous matter-energy-communication.

Space-Time is Matter-Energy. Matter is relative stable Energy and Energy is relative moving Matter. Matter in movement has kinetic energy. Energy in stabilization has denser Matter. Space is compressed/diluted matter/energy. Time is slowing/accelerating matter/energy. Space-Time/Matter-Energy can be quantized in significant quantum/quantities as Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, Photons and GRAVITONS, a sub-photonic quantum of matter-energy/space-time that cannot be observed/measured as a photon and is the most significant quantity, comprising of +95% of energy-matter in Universe/Multiverse. Dark Matter-Energy are better conceptualized as Gravitons and are the fabric/main component of Space-Time. Bending Space-Time is mainly bending a field of stable (matter) and/or moving (energy) Gravitons. Space is a quasi-vacuum of protons/neutrons/electrons/photons but is dense in Gravitons. Stars, Planets, Satellites, Asteroids/Comets are dense concentrations of matter, solid/liquid/gas/plasma of molecules made of atoms made of protons/neutrons/electrons/photons/gravitons. Traditional physics arbitrary/abstract unexplained concepts, as space-time, ether, dark matter/energy, gravitational constant, black hole can be explained by GRAVITONS, if quantum particles as protons, neutrons, electrons, photons are accepted. Space-Time or fabric of space-time is mostly made of a field of relative stable Gravitons (matter) and relative moving/orbiting Gravitons (energy).

A small body on/near a larger body as a person/satellite on/near a planet will experience HIGHER PRESSURE ABOVE them while will experience LOWER PRESSURE BELLOW, relative to planet, from protons/neutrons/electrons/photons, because the concentrated matter of planet blocks pressure from bellow. In outer space away from a larger body the smaller body will receive similar pressure from all directions and float in relative stability of slowly be pressured towards a larger body. The other FORCE in play, besides matter pressure, is relative moving matter or energy as orbiting a larger object in a circular/elliptical/spiral orbit. Gravitons orbit photons at the micro level and planets/stars at the macro level. Gravitons can be blocked or beamed at the micro/macro levels. A molecular-atomic-protonic-neutronic-electronic-photonic-GRAVITONIC VACUUM can be generated nullifying pressure over a larger body as a Planet. In theory a photonic solenoid/toroid elevator vacuum/beam can suspend/counter atmospheric/gravity force allowing lower speed/energy escape velocity from Planet. Space-time is mainly made of fielding (stable/matter) or orbiting (moving/energy) gravitons, dark matter/energy. Concentrated unidirectional spiral of gravitons over a concentrated matter/dense plasma as a Star can erode more gravitons and form a natural black/worm hole, tunneling through space-time at speed higher than the speed of light, that can be replicated at a smaller scale fro communication or transportation. A graviton can send/transmit energy-matter quasi-instantaneously across vast distances of the Solar System, Galaxies and Universe/Multiverse because they are mainly a field of gravitons and a graviton moved on beginning of field can move the last one of field as entangled photons by gravitons have demonstrated, abstracted of graviton blocking/diverting dense plasmas/black holes.

A gravitonic beam, a Gaser when concentrated, can in theory be produced from a solenoid/toroid photonic Laser beam (or optic fiber channeled photonic beam), just like an electric solenoid/toroid will generate a photonic beam ("electromagnetic"), a Laser when concentrated. Laser Pressure over a photonic material as a mirror can generate photonic speed, just like Gaser pressure, over gravitonic material, as a dense plasma, can in theory generate gravitonic speed, above the speed of light, to propel a Gravitonic Universe UniShip. A Gaser from a gravitonic spiral beam, spiraling from one direction to over a dense plasma, can generate a nuclear spiral erosion that can generate a black hole, that will allow an Uniship to tunnel through space (1st, 2nd, 3rd dimensions) and time (4th dimension), in a 5th dimension (worm hole) to reach anywhere on this or other Universes, of our probable Multiverse (many Universes). Quantum matter-energy multi-circular orbits on the same plane generates perpendicular spiral quantum field, explaining weakening final star to black hole process, aggregating into spiral galaxy center black hole, taking matter-energy to other side of universe or multiverse to restart process. Spiral Electron releases Photon that travels to center black hole of galaxy in 26k light years, 2.5M light years to Andromeda,nearest galaxy. Spiral Photon can release orbiting Graviton perpendicularly,to/across black hole to Andromeda probably under days.

Molecular-Atomic Vacuum, Electro-Photonic Lightning, Photonic Laser and Photo-Gravitonic Black-Holes are Matter-energy quantum holes/passages/channels that allow flow/transmission/transport of matter-energy at increasing higher speeds. Laser network/unit ionizes air, form plasma channel where electrons travel as an artificial lightning bolt, ELECTROLASER, capable of non-lethal neutralizing electric vehicles, equipment, arms and operators. Laser can be used to transmit energy at a higher control lower quantum, while an electrolaser can be used to send electron energy at a lower control higher quantum. Electricity can be converted to laser with light bulbs and lenses which can ionize air and send electrons via plasma channel as lightning bolt. Both laser and plasma bolt can be converted back to electricity on other end. Energy can be transmitted through copper wire, fiber optic or free space, at speed of light (LASER) or at speed of gravity (GASER) which is quasi-instantaneous because space-time is made mostly of gravitons.

QUANTUM ROCKET uses Molecules, Atoms, Electrons, Photons and/or Gravitons, expelling them backward to move forward and to create quasi-vacuum to accelerate forward move. External/internal Maser (molecules propelled or combusted), Easer (electrons), Laser (photons) and/or Gaser (gravitons) can clear atmosphere (quasi-vacuum) in front/rear. QUANTUM VACUUM or quasi-vacuum can be also molecular, atomic (ionic), electronic, photonic and gravitonic with direct correlation with potential of acceleration of a Quantum Rocket with the highest speed being achieved by a gravitonic vacuum (black hole) and gravitonic rocket/sail/gaser. Space is a quantum field that can be propelled and/or vacuumed through. QUANTUM ENERGY, molecular, atomic (ionic), electronic, photonic and gravitonic, can come from interior and/or exterior of the rocket/vehicle.

Graviton in relative high movement has kinetic energy that is the so called "dark energy" and relative stationary (low movement) gravitons are the so called "dark matter". Quasi-instantaneous photon/quantum "entanglement" and "tunneling" experiments also proves gravitonic speed above the speed of light, with applications giving potential access of the multiverse to humanity. Photon entanglement, solenoid and/or toroid can generate a gravitonic beam of Graviton particles moving at quasi-instantaneous faster-than-light speed. Anti-matter/Anti-energy are mostly graviton clusters at the symmetric opposite of the low/high orbital movement of a higher quantum matter/energy than a graviton (universes, galaxies, stars, planets, satellites, molecules, bodies, atoms, protons, electrons, photons, gravitons). There is an anti-Earth, anti-you, anti-electron at the other side of their/your relative orbit. As the orbiting matter-energy quantum moves it pushes-pulls matter-energy forming an anti matter-energy wave-cluster at the symmetric opposite of the orbit relative to a central matter-energy. Dark matter, relative stationary Gravitons, create pressure force of smaller quantum of matter towards larger quantum of matter. Dark energy, relative moving Gravitons, create usually spiral kinetic force of smaller quantum of energy-matter towards larger quantum of energy-matter. Matter in relative movement generates kinetic energy. Space-time is a field of dark matter-energy gravitons. 1 graviton entering the field may generate 1 graviton exit elsewhere quasi-instantaneously, creating a real-time communication application for example for remote control of Avatar robots in other planets/satellites.

Einstein's "ripples in the fabric of space time" are caused by Graviton spiral particle-waves and Einstein's "gravitational waves" if supposedly traveled at the speed of light, do because they are in fact photonic waves that can be bent by spiral gravitonic waves. Laser split photons can be "entangled" at quasi-instantaneous speed probably by gravitons sustaining their photonic orbits, even at high distances, at gravitonic speed. Graviton is the smallest and fastest significant functional force quantum of matter-energy and gravitonic speed is the highest speed, when traveling in a straight line, as opposed to its perpendicular wave forward trajectory, from its usual centrifugal/centripetal spiral trajectory. Gravitonic straight pressure propulsion, over a dense plasma, propelling a Uniship via a spiral formed black "worm" hole, created by the gravitonic spiral erosion of a dense plasma, has the highest theoretical speed potential and is quickest theoretical route to anywhere in our Universe or Multiverse.

Gravity can be incorporated in an atomic-cosmic quantum system to complete an applied theory of everything, explaining current and new applications. Energy, communication, transportation can use atomic, ionic, electric, photonic and gravitonic propulsion. Health can use sonic(molecular)-atomic-ionic- electronic-photonic and new possible gravitonic diagnostics/treatment systems, in a new paradigm, protocol and product to preserve life forever with permanent systemic, cellular, atomic, genetic and informatic Life applications (see Sonic, electric, photonic, gravitonic waves can in theory eliminate unhealthy/senile/cancer cells, bacteria and virus by breaching their natural membranes or coated by markers, while preserving stronger healthy cell membranes (empirical tests must determine the wave density/size/frequency). A gravitonic medical system could possibly map/diagnose/treat a human body down to organs, tissues, cells, molecules, atoms, electrons, neutrons, protons and photons, without negative side effects. All healthy and unhealthy cells can be identified, recuperated or eliminated. Ultimate control/empowerment over Life, Earth and Universe can be accelerated by an efficient atomic-cosmic quantum system. Billions of humans can occupy empty lands, oceans, air and space with low cost high performance transportation, communication, energy, navigation, sanitation and construction technologies (see Most of them are already known and obstacles come from inefficiencies of taking basic research, to applied research, to invention and to innovation into a market product and/or service.

Isaac Newton showed a relationship of mass, distance and gravity force but did not explain the origin of mass or of the force phenomena. Albert Einstein theorized light as a quantum and non quantum system phenomena with a resulting confusing/contradictory description of a photon as a “massless wave-particle” or the supposed smallest particle to wave transition quantum of energy-matter. He then supposedly abandons the quantum system to explain gravity as “ripples in the fabric of space time”, since the graviton particle or the gravitonic wave could not be detected or quantized. As we now know from the laser application and knowledge of the full spectrum of electrophotonic (electromagnetic) waves, concentrated photonic matter-energy particles have “mass” and can make a hole in an iron plate for example, so its components also have "mass" that in movement have kinetic energy.

As Einstein explained mass is energy and Energy is Mass: E = MC2 (square). C, speed of light/photon could also be replaced by G, speed of gravity/Graviton or Gravitonic speed, with different proportion: E=MGX, Energy equals Mass times Gravitonic Speed to an X proportion. But since G is probably extremely high or quasi-instantaneous, as proven by photon entanglement, that is probably caused by photon orbiting gravitons, X is quasi irrelevant compared to G, so E=MG is very close to E=MGX. So E=MG. So the amount of energy in a mass is much higher when considered to the photon quantum level or even higher to the graviton quantum level. The better solution is to conceptualize gravity as a result of a sub-photonic particle/wave, the GRAVITON, with enough quantum of energy-matter to create/change/maintain the trajectory of a larger particle. Increasing circular/elliptical orbits around a center cluster are compatible with a trail spiral orbit of an even smaller quantum of energy-matter, the Graviton, that does not have enough quantum of matter-energy to be detected in the same manner of significant excitation (wave frequency/size), nuclear collision or orbit expulsion experiments as larger detectable particles. Differentiated particles must have a size, position, speed, trajectory and/or function that justifies their conceptualization: Graviton, Photon, Electron, Proton and Neutron (not just the personal motivation of a scientist seeking to be the discoverer of endless/useless "oson" particles or quantum of energy-matter).

Newton described gravity as an external force transmitted by an unknown process, but Einstein described gravity not as a force but as the result of the geometry of space time, with a gravitational wave traveling at the speed of light. Newton thought light was massless therefore it cannot be affected or be bent by gravity. Einstein accepted light as a massless wave-particle but that it would bend because of the curvature in space time created by other larger mass. Light is not massless, but made of Photon particles, a smaller quantum of matter-energy than Electron particles and it bends because of the force (spiral kinetic movement energy) of the even smaller Graviton particle-waves. Therefore Newton's gravity force applies to Light and Einstein’s curvature of space time theory is not an explanation of light masslessness bending by curves in space time, but by the gravitonic waves kinetic energy applied to other larger atomic matter-energy quantum or cosmic masses.

The rubber rug with a bowling ball example to describe curve gaps in space time, disregards that there would also be another rug on top of the object, resulting in no curve gap but a flat two sided multi layered rug containing the bowling ball, unless there is also a spiraling smaller quantum of matter-energy, the Graviton, to curve them. Einstein's "ripples in the fabric of space time" are caused by Graviton spiral particle-waves and Einstein's "gravitational waves" travel at the speed of light because they are photonic waves bent by gravitonic waves. Einstein called Photon entanglement "spooky action at a distance", but it is probably gravity interaction between the photons, or gravitons orbiting a cluster of photons that are then split apart, but the gravitons keep the orbit even when the photons are placed in long distances, showing how fast they are: quasi-instantaneous. Newton thought gravity was instantaneous, and in fact just like atomic-cosmic orbits are quasi-perpetual, gravity speed is probably quasi-instantaneous, or extremely high and certainly/conceptually higher than photonic speed.

GRAVITON is the smallest particle and gravitonic speed is the highest speed, opening the doors to humanity control and develop the Universe. Einstein described the resulting effect of gravity but not the origin of the phenomena, why/what bends or creates a curvature in the fabric of space-time, assuming this fabric are fields resulting from the other detectable particles or quantum of matter-energy. That bending can be explained as the result of the graviton kinetic energy quantum centripetal/centrifugal spiral trajectories that bend the larger particle trajectories (currents, waves, orbits or relative temporary stability). Einstein was always very doubtful, skeptical and revisionary of his own ideas as an efficient scientist should be, admitting that his ideas for a “gravitational constant” or “gravitational wave” were possibly wrong or not an ideal solution. The best atomic-cosmic model is to have the Graviton as the fundamental particle-wave that is the so called dark matter-energy. Photons are clusters of Gravitons, Electrons are clusters of Photons, Protons are clusters of Electrons, Neutrons are clusters of Protons, forming the Atom, and explaining the particle-wave phenomena. All clusters have spiral orbiting Gravitons that integrate/connect systemically all clusters of matter-energy that will eventually end up at the cosmic level in a black/white hole (spiral entry/exit of gravitons) or big bang/crunch (super nova/neutron star explosion/implosion of gravitons) of matter-energy.

Einstein's gravitational waves have supposedly the speed of light because they are photonic waves, that may be bent by gravitonic waves, that actually would have a higher speed simply because they are conceptually a smaller quantum of energy-matter. Gravitons have usually a spiral centrifugal-centripetal wave orbiting larger quantum of energy-matter, including a photon, and may be disturbed by other gravitons or gravitonic waves, or larger atomic or cosmic quantum of energy-matter, like an electron or a planet. Graviton in movement has kinetic energy that is the so called "dark energy" and stationary gravitons are the so called "dark matter". Graviton is the smallest and fastest significant quantum of matter-energy and gravitonic speed is the highest speed, when traveling in a straight line, as opposed to its perpendicular wave forward trajectory from its usual spiral trajectory.

A Physics Nobel Prize was given for experimental confirmation of "Einstein's gravitational waves" and that they travel at the speed of light. Even Einstein himself raised doubt over his gravitational theory, but his conservative followers claim he was right and a wave with a frequency measuring inside a photonic spectrum and traveling at photonic speed is not photonic but gravitational and for them gravity is not an electromagnetic/photonic phenomenon. The wave is photonic and may be bent by gravity but it is not gravity traveling at light speed, light travels at light speed, gravity travels at gravity speed that is higher than light speed. Graviton, a smaller quantum than a photon, travels at a higher speed. Laser photon splitting experiments generating photon quantum entanglement are probably caused by gravitons sustaining their orbits even at high distances with a quasi-instantaneous speed. The Nobel Prize was given by mainstream self acclamation, not actual original creativity, progressive innovation to benefit mankind as envisioned Alfred Nobel in his will.

Supposed “massless gravitational waves” were detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO), after over 10 years of failure, exactly 100 years after they were predicted by Einstein, exactly as competing LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna) was launched in Space. Actually by definition this wave is electromagnetic (electrophotonic), gravitons/gravitonic waves are not massless, have already been detected by its effects in bending cosmic light (in an eclipse phenomena for example) and in directly undetected supposed "dark matter-energy" post-halo of Galaxies that explain indirectly the higher gravitational force between them. There was also misinterpretation, misconception of results and actual lack of results in other cost-benefit inefficient projects like the Large Hadron Collider (LHC, trying to detect supposed sub-photonic particles by nuclear collision) and Large Underground Xenon experiment (LUX, trying to detect supposed "dark matter-energy" also by nuclear collision experiments).

Announcement of the detection of 35 to 250 Hz ultra, super or extreme low frequency "electromagnetic wave" (photonic), as a "gravitational wave" by this American small non-cosmic terrestrial apparatus named LIGO, with two 4km laser arms, happened exactly as a more efficient and potentially successful European competing cosmic project LISA, with 1 to 5 million km arms to detect waves of 0.03mHz to 0.1 Hz, was launched. An ultra low frequency electromagnetic wave can be attributed to an earthquake, a super low frequency wave can be attributed to a power grid, an extreme low frequency wave can be attributed to lightning or to Earth's electromagnetic field (all these waves measure between 3 and 300Hz in the electromagnetic spectrum). Two separate LIGO detectors got the same signal near the same time and it was creatively mathematically reverse engineered to be attributed to a two black hole collision a billion light years away. Its an electromagnetic (photonic) wave regardless of its origin, not a spiral or forward gravitational wave, from a significantly smaller quantum of energy-matter than a photon, a graviton, that would bend light and perhaps generate a reading, if any, on the micro scale proposed by competing LISA or at a nano scale or maybe only at a "gravi" scale, that only a gravitonic beam (Gaser) could measure.

American LIGO scientists had to beat European LISA scientists to cover up their failure and claim money, power and glory. LISA was unfunded by initial co-participant NASA, had to be reduced in scale and carried on only by European ESA funding, while LIGO got additional funding, to upgrade their failed non-cosmic small apparatus, that had very low chance or none of measuring a gravitational wave with over 10 years of failure to prove it. A cosmic size gravitational wave requires a cosmic apparatus and conceptually a gravitational wave spectrum should be far apart from an electromagnetic (photonic) wave spectrum to justify why a graviton quantum of matter-energy is different from a photon quantum. They should focus in detecting gravitational waves from the Sun instead of from black holes a billion light years from Earth. The gravitational wave frequency spectrum was overlapped with the electromagnetic spectrum and it was LIGO that supposedly could detect the overlap.

By time LISA tries to detect their cosmic gravitational waves in Space, non-cosmic LIGO scientists pocketed prize money, glory and funding in the short term, because in the long term they will probably have nothing. By time LISA launched, the LIGO people claimed first the discovery of pseudo gravitational waves making sure over 1000 pseudo-scientist accomplices were included in the glory and prize money sharing in the millions of dollars, making sure no one is left to open their mouth. If the empirical object doesn't fit the theoretical conceptual description, than change the concept (wave spectrum and quantum/non quantum definition of gravity) to fit it and find a mega far nebulous cause for it. Any attentive person can see the conceptual/circumstantial contradiction and conflict of interest. Conceptual and mathematical sophistication can easily fool unqualified bureaucrats and the public to give non-voluntary funding from tax payers and to a lesser degree passive corporate investors. LISA is a reasonable laser gravitational wave detection speculative project because of its low cost and high benefit potential applications from space energy-communication-propulsion-defense GLOBAL SPACE LASER NETWORK, a cosmic scale sun photonic concentration system with mirrors/lenses.

LIGO American scientists chose arbitrarily to classify as gravitational waves what would be by their own quantum logic electromagnetic (photonic) waves. The gravitational wave data supposedly would confirm the prediction of general relativity that they travel at the speed of light and that hypothetical “gravitons” would be “massless” (also supposedly like photons) because they were not anomalously dispersed. In fact gravitonic waves would get caught in mass/atom gravitonic in-out spiral fields, tunnel through or tangent to the nucleus matter-energy cluster of protons and neutrons. This meant for LIGO scientists that Gravitons cannot explain the accelerating expansion of the Universe, that should than be attributed to a new “dark matter-energy” that they can't detect either but that they claim to have mass by its effects (so photons/gravitons also have mass by their effects). Dark matter-energy are better defined as relative stable or relative moving Gravitons, outside or inside spiral gravitonic fields. Like Photons, Gravitons are not massless, but they have by definition different quantum of energy-matter (smaller) and speed (higher).

Other LIGO-like high cost low benefit inefficient ultra speculative basic-research projects include the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the largest and most powerful particle collider (pseudo discovery of functionally useless new particles as higgs-boson, another mass self-promoted-voted demagogue "god particle" Nobel prize winner sham, and other endless sub-matter-energy "particle-ons" still better classified only as Photons or Gravitons). Or the Large Underground Xenon experiment (LUX) aiming to directly detect a Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP) or "Dark Matter-Energy", that are probably Gravitons, that by distinctive definition of matter-energy quantum cannot be detected by nuclear collision or current photonic spectrum. Following the above pattern of huge tax-payer multi-billion budgets wasted, followed by failure, than huge budget upgrades to upgrade failed tech, the LUX will be upgraded to LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ), a next-generation pseudo dark matter detector that will be supposedly at least 100 times more sensitive than its predecessor. Like LIGO and LHC, the new LZ could probably cook a new prize-winning particle-wave pseudo-discovery to confirm the supposed gravitational evidence supporting the existence of dark matter in the Universe as the non directly detected halo of galaxies justifying its superior attraction force than from the detectable matter. These are parrot knowledge repeating mediocre technocrats obtaining falsified/glorified empirical evidence for dead 19th century born "geniuses" theories, that they hide behind, but then claiming discovery/originality/prizes to themselves.

Conservative religious scientists tend to regard Einstein and other “geniuses”, as prophets of the laws of “mother nature”, created by “father god”, and tend to take their word as a convenient absolute truth, interpreted to fit their own needs and interests, adapting the facts to it, mainly for their own benefit, not for social-economic or scientific progress. Technology economics/administration knowledge/experience demonstrate that social-economic circumstances may lead scientists to conservative, conflicting, confusing, over simplified or over complicated theories, mainly for circumstantial self, organizational or social-economic interest, specially because the process of learning, creating and applying what they learned/created is perceived as costly in terms of work time and fixed assets, as specialized hardware/software. General collective social-economic efficient science philosophy require theories that can facilitate transition to technological applications with efficient social-economic cost-benefit ratios. Basic research theories must facilitate generation of low cost and high benefit technological applications. There is no general collective social-economic cost-benefit interest in conceptually conservative, confusing, contradictory, conflicting, over simplified or over complicated atomic-cosmic theories.

It's much more logical and useful to consider the indirectly detected galaxy halos of non directly detectable "dark" matter, that results in gravitational force, that keeps galaxies together, a confirmation of the light bending phenomenon in an eclipse, also from supposed gravitational forces, a product of stationary or wave Gravitons. So the better and most practical theory is to assume that this supposed dark matter-energy and sub-photonic particles are Gravitons. They probably cannot be detected because they will not collide/rebound with nucleus, because most of it will be caught in the spiral trajectory of gravitonic fields. These are not directly detectable at the cosmic and atomic levels, because cosmic/atomic spiral gravitonic waves would engulf most of the non spiral gravitons and send them spiraling towards the electrons and back, keeping them orbiting the nucleus, or going tangent to it, or being absorbed/released by it and/or tunneling right through the neutron-proton central matter-energy cluster. Matter in relative movement carries kinetic energy defined by space/time speed. Sub-photonic Gravitons by definition are a smaller quantum of matter-energy faster than photons or faster than the speed of light. Gravitons have probably a general spiral orbit between larger and smaller quantum of energy-matter and an elliptical orbit around Photons, the second smallest significant quantum of energy-matter.

The so called dark matter-energy and other inefficient over-conceptualized particles (with insufficient size/behavior/function/application distinction justification) are better defined only as Photons (directly detected by wave size/frequency or nuclear collision) or Gravitons, a quantum of matter-energy not directly detectable by nuclear collision or significant wave size/frequency disturbance of the electromagnetic spectrum. Gravitons are indirectly detectable by its effects of bending the trajectory of larger quantum of matter-energy, at atomic and cosmic scales, with its deduced and cosmically observed spiral in-out orbits (galaxies). A solenoid (forward spiral coil) laser or optic light flux fiber (concentrated photonic wave beams) atomic or cosmic apparatus, could in theory produce a GASER, a potentially detectable forward gravitonic wave beam, while donut shaped solenoid sequential rings would generate a spiral forward gravitonic wave (as electric waves generate photonic waves with electromagnets). A laser can be used to accelerate a solar sail spacecraft with photonic pressure potentially up to light speed, just like a Gaser could accelerate a Gravitonic Sail Spacecraft to faster than light gravitonic speed. Mirrors/lens (photonic materials) can deflect/reflect a laser beam like gravitonic materials (as dense plasmas) could deflect/reflect Gaser beams.

Cosmic Neutron Stars, a massive fusion implosion plasma, are the densest known natural object in the Universe, crushing protons, electrons, photons and gravitons into neutrons that could eventually become gravitonic black holes, GRAVIHOLES, a cosmic natural spiral Gaser, when highly attractive electrons, photons and gravitons, that are mainly spiral-unidirectional would generate an erosion forward pressure spiral black hole (if multidirectional-central pressure could generate a Super Nova explosion). A similar plasma with even higher density of Electrons, Photons and Gravitons could be generated with laser/gaser beams heating gases to extreme high temperatures, inside a wide area laser/gaser sail container, at the back of a space craft, pushed into a laser solenoid tunnel, to generate also a forward pressure, to faster than light speed impulse. The laser could also shift to the spacecraft sail as it went by in this gravitonic space train-tunnel until achieving desired speed. Laser/gaser beams can also be used for creating a spiral and/or forward gravihole (worm hole) that may take a spacecraft forward quasi-instantly inside the solar system or even billions of light years ahead in a reasonable small relative Earth time.

Humanity currently can create economic Nuclear Fission (nuclear explosion via collision/breakdown of neutrons/protons into free neutrons and gamma photons) but not Nuclear Fusion (nuclear exothermic or endothermic implosion via concentration/merging of neutrons, protons, electrons and photons). That could be achieved via a Global Space Laser Network that could concentrate sun light at a cosmic scale into a small fusion fuel ignition point, changing Hydrogen into Helium. Fusion can then be progressed to NUCLEAR EROSION or GRAVOSION, a nuclear gravitonic erosion, from direct energy-matter quantum tunneling going through and/or from spiral tangent gradual peeling off of energy-matter. An unidirectional photonic laser and/or gravitonic gaser beam push/pressure forward leads the nucleus to eventual collapse/escape (smaller matter-energy photons and gravitons) in one direction. It will generate a black/worm/gravitonic hole if push/pressure forward comes from a spiral forward gravitonic wave/beam, with bigger bright photons spiraling to the outside and smaller dark gravitons taking the inside. If push/pressure forward comes from a straight forward gravitonic gaser/laser beam it will turn into an increased gravitonic gaser/laser beam, that may also propel a space craft above speed light, with a trailing photonic brightness behind and a gravitonic darkness ahead of it.

Gravity can and should be incorporated in a complete atomic-cosmic quantum system, the applied theory of everything, allowing for a more effective understanding and transition to technology applications, as universe transportation, communication and energy transmission at or above the speed of light, at higher gravitonic speed and in the fifth dimension of worm/gravitonic/dark holes, connecting cosmic black/white holes and atomic dark/bright holes. These holes are a gravitonic unidirectional collapse/escape into and out of the also spiral escaping eroded nucleus of cosmic/atomic energy-matter, forming a gravitonic unidirectional black/dark vortex or worm/gravitonic hole, GRAVIHOLE. Universe transportation, communication and energy applications would be possible at faster than light gravitonic speeds. Just like Lasers (mirror/lens concentrated photon unidirectional beam) can be used for nuclear fusion and for up to speed light, GASERS (photonic laser solenoid and/or ultra dense material or process that could deflect/reflect/redirect gravitons into an unidirectional straight or spiral beam) could be used for nuclear spiral erosion to form black/dark/worm gravitonic hole to reach above light speed.

Gravitonic waves have been detected and proven by the bending of large mass, atomic, ionic, electric, photonic trajectories both in an atomic and cosmic scale. By definition the quantum of energy-matter of a graviton cannot be detected as a quantum of a photon. To detect photon mass we can concentrate them using mirrors/lenses to form lasers. Their could be an isolation material, method and scale to concentrate only Gravitons that could be economic, allowing the development of technology applications. Inside Earth, circular solenoid electron currents generate interior perpendicular and exterior bi-circular photon polar electromagnetic fields, which in turn could generate additional perpendicular circular gravitonic spiral waves (gravity), the phenomena described by Newton (generating attraction proportional to mass and distance) and Einstein (generating bending or curvature in the other quantum particle-wave fields). But even if Earth's crust was stable their still would be a gravitational field capable of bending trajectories of larger particles/fields and smaller satellite masses, like the Moon. The effects of Graviton fields have been detected.

An applied theory of everything, requires that gravity forces be conceptually explained within an atomic-cosmic quantum system, carrying spiral centripetal/centrifugal kinetic energy, moving in waves, currents or orbits (or stable), because electronic and photonic forces have been explained within this system of particles (quantum of matter-energy: electron and photon). Gravitational, Gravity or Gravitonic waves by definition cannot be detected as a frequency/size photonic wave. Larger quantum particle-waves have been empirically verified and have generated technological applications. Gravity forces can be explained as Graviton particle-waves carrying centripetal/centrifugal kinetic energy in a spiral inward-outward orbit. Graviton has a quantum of energy-matter that is sufficient to change the trajectory of larger particles, as it has been empirically verified, but not to immediately excite (change wave frequency/size) or expel/rebound on a larger particle from its current orbit by collision. Gravitonic straight pressure propulsion over a dense plasma via a spiral formed black "worm" hole, also over spiral erosion of a dense plasma, has the highest theoretical speed potential and the quickest route to anywhere in our Universe or Multiverse.

Atomic electrons and cosmic planets are in quasi perpetual motion (billions of years) with a slow spiraling out going orbit, as star systems, galaxies and the universe in expansion (or in going during contraction). Like a watch spiral mainspring, gravitons keep this orbit with an in/out spiral orbit gaining speed near the center cluster of matter-energy (atomic neutrons and cosmic stars) and losing speed at the outer orbit (eventually collapsing to the center or escaping to the outside, becoming a stable halo of matter-energy, the so called cosmic dark matter-energy or so called atomic smaller quantum of energy-matter "electrinos, photrinos, neutrinos or protrinos", or any other names given for sub-electrons sub-protons/neutrons, as leptons or quarks). The so called "fabric of space-time" requires a smaller quantum of energy matter unit (Graviton) with a different trajectory (spiral) at the atomic level, if not their would be emptiness and no gravity force, expansion or contraction.

Positive/negative charges are an abstract concept of a center matter-energy (positive neutrons/protons) and an orbiting (circular/spiral) smaller quantum of energy-matter (negative electrons/photons) connected by a trail of spiraling gravitons, as a watch mainspring connects a center/outer base connection (inside axle/neutron/star and outside post/electron/planet). The cosmic galaxy system halo and spiral of matter-energy is a visible photo of the similar invisible gravitonic halo/spiral of a star, planet and atomic systems. The Graviton spiral trajectory is the smallest quantum of matter-energy that remains from a slower previous expanding/contracting trajectory of a larger quantum of matter energy, as an atomic electron or a cosmic planet, that slowly made the same trajectory over billions of years and left behind a trail of smaller quantum of energy-matter, the Graviton being the smallest, that will continue to repeat that spiral trajectory, reinforcing the circular/elliptical current trajectory of the larger quantum of energy-matter.

The atomic and cosmic quantum systems are micro-macro mirrors of each other, reflecting the same phenomena on different scales. Neutrons, Protons, Electrons, Photons and Gravitons are concepts to reflect the position, size, speed, function and trajectory of energy-matter on an Atomic scale. Stars, Planets, Moons, Comets and Asteroids are similar on a cosmic scale. Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Erosion (graviton/photon pressure spiral/forward nucleus collapse/escape in one direction) on the atomic scale are counterparts of Neutron Stars, Supernovas and Black Holes on the cosmic scale. The so called speculative concept of Dark Energy-Matter are better conceptualized as Gravitons that are active (kinetic relative moving energy around a larger particle) or passive (relative non-moving matter). Gravitons are a sub-photonic particle-wave that cannot be currently directly detected, but that have indirectly been detected, as existing after the visible halos of galaxies, by their resulting larger attracting gravitational force than from visible matter-energy, or as a cosmic light bending force. Other speculative sub-photonic particles have no current applicable use other than to be gathered under the more useful Graviton concept. Einstein's gravitational waves and curvature of space time are a result of Gravitons and their in-out centripetal-centrifugal spiral gravitonic wave trajectory. Universe, Galaxy, Star or Atom Systems are slowly expanding to then slowly contract in multi-billion year spiral centripetal-centrifugal gravitonic quasi-perpetual motion.

A Black-Hole (energy-matter entry) and White Hole/Quasar (energy-matter exit) are an unidirectional collapse/escape entry/exit of energy-matter on the cosmic scale, as a speculative Atomic Dark Hole (entry) and Bright Hole (exit) would be at an atomic scale. Gravitons collapse to the center, erode the nucleus and escape in one direction, as opposed to an atomic scale multidirectional fission explosion (collision proton/neutron break-up) or fusion implosion (from photon/electron/neutron/proton merger). Or on a cosmic scale a Black Hole erosion, Supernova explosion and Neutron Star implosion. It is unproven/undetected if these holes occur naturally on an atomic scale but can potentially be created by humans or other technologically advanced species as with nuclear fusion/fission or the so called "quantum entanglement", when separated photons would sustain graviton orbits of a spiral and/or forward trajectory, keeping the photons or any other quantum entangled, or under mutual influence. They are the atomic/cosmic fifth dimension (fourth being time). One application of this theory is that the fifth dimension (worm/gravitonic/dark holes) could allow above light speed transportation/communication/energy transmission. Higher gravitonic speed is a logic consequence of the smaller Graviton particle with higher speed potential than a Photon. A natural or artificial Black/White Hole is an entry/exit of a Worm hole to/from the same or different Star, Galaxy or even Universe Systems at gravitonic speed which is potentially higher than photonic speed because the quantum is smaller. Hypervelocity Stars and Planets (with no orbit, with velocity faster than system orbit loss phenomena) could be the result of entering a Black-Hole and exiting a White-Hole through the worm-hole, potentially proving that it is possible to travel to different Solar, Galaxy and even different Universe systems at gravitonic faster than light (photonic) speeds during and/or after the worm hole passage.

Sonic (molecular), Atomic, Ionic, Electric, Photonic and Gravitonic waves can be used for health, transportation, energy and communication applications. Gravitonic orbital acceleration and directional swings are used for space travel and satellite communication. Health can use these waves for diagnostic/treatment systems to identify all healthy and unhealthy life forms, tissues and cells in the body. Photonic concentration with mirrors/lenses (laser) can be used for direct propulsion (solar/laser sail), energy and communication. Gravitons can be concentrated/deflected with a large scale process as a circular solenoid of photonic waves or dense plasma material perpendicular to gravitonic orbits (which are parallel but spiral to circular electron orbits and perpendicular to photon orbits). A photonic spiral/solenoid/coil can form a gravitonic force (forward graviton current), just like an electron spiral/solenoid/coil can form a photonic (magnetic) force (forward photon current). A donut shaped solenoid of electrons can form a spiral wave of photons and a donut shaped solenoid of photons (laser/optic fiber) would form a spiral wave of gravitons. Humans are made of around 8 octillion revolving atoms organized in 100 trillion revolving cells. We have already technology to preserve indefinably Systemic (natural cellular integration systems), Cellular (artificial cellular integration systems), Atomic (deactivated cell structured atoms), Genetic (biological DNA and text-audio-visual indirect interface memory) and/or Informatic (binary DNA and neural direct interface memory) Lives (see

Electric and photonic currents/waves are currently used in Life preserving systems and gravitonic currents/waves would expand the possibilities even further with human complete automated cellular diagnostics and treatment, identifying all healthy and unhealthy cells/life forms (including virus, bacteria and cancer cells) to be repaired or eliminated by systems combining nanomarkers, energy quantum beams/waves and/or nanorobots. An electric-photonic-gravitonic UNIVERSAL QUANTUM NETWORK can be used for computing (atom/quantum binary or multinary information representation, storage and transmission), communication (laser and electrophotonic wave spectrum), energy (electric-photonic-gravitonic transmission) and transportation (direct on board and/or indirect propulsion) with unlimited boundaries. Gravitonic speed opens the doors of the Universe with transportation/communication/energy above-light speed application. Atomic-cosmic technology make Humans free limitless developers of Life, Earth and Universe, which is probably in fact a space/time infinite Multiverse. Logically their have probably been many energy-matter expansion Big Bangs that were probably followed by energy-matter contraction Big Crunches. Eventually we will see multiple Universes, just like we eventually saw multiple planets, star systems and galaxies. If we can see only 14 billion light years within a single Big Bang expansion, there could be beyond that many Universes surrounding their respective Big Bangs/Crunches and we would just not be able to see them yet, just like before we could not see beyond Earth, Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy.

Lives and Universes can have probably infinite age because humans or other intelligent natural/artificial lives, beings, species, entities and/or civilizations can create, control and extend their existence forever. They can control energy-matter, life, planets, stars, galaxies and universes, delaying Big Crunches/Big Spiral-Ins (energy-matter retroactive or centripetal spiral gravitonic contraction), reigniting Big Bangs /Spiral-Outs(energy-matter forward or centrifugal spiral gravitonic expansion), including relocating planet orbits for proper life distance from star, keeping stars energized forever and finally even creating Universes by starting new Big Bangs or Big Spiral-Outs (emerging from black holes) in post-universes empty spaces (low energy-matter quantum concentrations) or better by fast-forward creation/relocation of existing and/or new artificial planet/star systems. Humans can already take Life to Mars and by time the Sun loses significant energy sharing capacity, a developed energy-communication-propulsion-defense space laser solar network will be able, not only to concentrate and transmit the energy from the sun, but send it back into the Sun to reignite/refuel fusion, as well as igniting/refueling other stars, protecting Earth/Moon/Mars from Asteroids, increase energy exposure of planets/moons for Life introduction.

Having full control of nuclear fusion also at cosmic and atomic scale via photonic laser fusion ignition on small scale matter-energy fuel, can be used for limitless energy beyond the solar supply, including light (photonic) and gravity (gravitonic) speed travel, including worm/gravitonic hole fifth dimension travel above the speed of light. Big Bang/Super Novas and Big Crunches/Neutron Stars suggest one type of energy-matter expansion/contraction. The other would be Big Spiral Out/Quasars and Big Spiral In/Black Holes. Our Universe apparently was born or reborn from a Big Bang, however our Milky Way galaxy has apparently a Black Hole in its center, suggesting that it is in a process of formation with energy-matter coming from another galaxy or universe, or forming a new galaxy somewhere else in this Universe where it emerges as a Quasar (white hole), or a new Universe if the energy-matter emerges in an empty space outside of this Universe or other Universes, becoming a Big Spiral Out Universe as opposed to a Big Bang Universe. Big Black Holes/Quasars can be therefore the extremities of an umbilical cord worm hole connecting two Universes or two Galaxies within the same Universe. A Black Hole and Quasar could also be of a non-spiral cave in/cave out type, where all energy matter collapses/implodes in one direction, as opposed to spiraling or exploding, as Super Nova. A pressure/spiral in Neutron Star may result in a pressure out Super Nova, a cave in Black Hole or a spiral in Black Hole.

Current fusion reactors and rocket technology are very expensive and inefficient. A Gravitonic-Laser-Rocket-Multicopter-Airship (capable of moving in different levels of energy-mattter molecular/atomic/quantum concentrations), Global Laser Network and Universal Quantum Network, using photonic mirrors/lenses or gravitonic photonic solenoids/toroids (spirals/spiral rings ring) based on space or on planets/moons/asteroids, offer much lower cost and much higher performance. They can efficiently distribute the energy from our current Natural Space Mega Fusion Reactor (NSMFR) called Sun, with fusion contained by its mega gravity field and can reignite/refuel natural fusion "dying" stars. They can also ignite artificial stars, as an Artificial Space Mega Fusion Reactor (ASMFR), using a planet, moon, asteroid, mega gravitonic/photonic toroidal rings and hydrogen as fuel base. They can also ignite/sustain an Artificial Planet Small Fusion Reactor (APSFR) and/or Artificial Planet Small Thermal Reactor (APSTR). Sun photonic heated water can directly drive a thermal turbine without fusion, also using geothermal heat for input energy and/or the heat may reach a plasma level leading to fusion in small underground thermal/fusion reactors. The current surface fusion reactors have an economic problem with igniting and containing fusion, requiring too much electric energy input and a too expensive photonic toroidal rings to contain fusion.

Electric energy, transportation and communication is a long available reality. Photonic technology is available for immediate introduction. But the ultimate future alternative for humanity to occupy the Universe and Multiverse is Gravitonic, with artificial Gaser beams produced from photonic laser solenoids and toroids. Star/fusion or any source of energy can be electric/photonic/gravitonic beamed anywhere, including a space beyond our current universe boundaries to start a new artificial star that can be surrounded by natural relocated or artificial modular assembled planets. Gravitonic/photonic/electric pressure-towed natural "dying/dead" stars and planets/asteroids/moons can be also relocated to empty space, then they can be ignited/reignited/refueled by gravitonic/photonic/electric beams. Planets or asteroids can be used as matter-energy base for a mega space fusion reactor. So a new Universe can be built without the natural multi billion year big bang-crunch/spiral in-out processes. Our current Universe can also be gradually debanged/decrunched/despiraled, maintaining stability forever, by distributing and stabilizing star energy-matter and planetary energy sourcing with a Universal Quantum Network. Other biologically and/or technologically advanced lives, beings, entities, species and/or civilizations in this Universe or probable Multiverse, probably have achieved or may achieve Universe creation/recreation capacity soon, but it is also possible that Humans will be second or first to do that.

I'm the first Human to achieve theoretical creative/re-creative control over economy, society, energy-matter, life, planet, star, galaxy, universe and multiverse. I have demonstrated how it can be done in theory and now we have to put it in practice immediately to protect the planet by building a Global/Universal Laser/Gaser system and protect human Permanent Lives, avoiding the current path of "death" or atomic/molecular dispersion with loss of cellular DNA ID, using the Permanent Life protocol I developed at Mesistem - Global Mobile Medical System ( I intend to request and claim the Nobel Prize of Physics (Gravitonic Atomic-Cosmic Quantum System, Photon Entanglement by Graviton Orbiting, Gravitonic highest quasi-instantaneous speed, E=MG: Energy equals Mass times Gravitonic speed, Gaser produced by laser solenoid/toroid and Universal Quantum Network), Chemistry (Biochemical Immunological-Longevity Supplementation System and Graphene Mass Production System), Medicine (Permanent Life System), Literature (Diverse Non-Fiction and Fiction Thesis, Scripts, Novels, Shows and Concepts with an idealistic pro-humanity tendency), Economics (Zero Poverty, Legislation, Labor and Taxation Economy System) and Peace (Jusistem global non-lethal arms jusitice system, Global Ocean Aerospace Federation System and United Nations Federation System with global zero poverty citizens free circulation and multicity balanced economic development), mainly to advertise the general cause and reinvest eventual funds attained, possibly directly or probably indirectly into research, development, testing, invention, prototyping and innovation.

Alfred Nobel in his will stated that: "The whole of my remaining realizable estate shall be dealt with in the following way: The capital shall be invested by my executors in safe securities and shall constitute a fund, the interest on which shall be annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind. The said interest shall be divided into five equal parts, which shall be apportioned as follows: one part to the person who shall have made the most important discovery or invention within the field of physics; one part to the person who shall have made the most important chemical discovery or improvement; one part to the person who shall have made the most important discovery within the domain of physiology or medicine; one part to the person who shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work of an idealistic tendency; and one part to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity among nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." Notice that mainly conservative scientists hijacked the Nobel Fund to give prizes to themselves chosen by themselves and even created a conservative Nobel Prize in Economics also given usually to a conservative perspective of the economy. This happened in straight opposition to Alfred Nobel's will that favored radical innovations that bring the greatest benefit to mankind, not second rate incremental innovations or reinterpretation of these ones using advanced mathemathics as if something new. Notice that my theories are logically superior in terms of cost and performance by a very long distance, making most of current knowledge obsolete and current mainstream organizations inefficient. Over complicated mathematics became the language of conservative monopolistic abuse science and technology because it is easier to keep the general public and competition out, with barriers of entry and monopoly abuse (obstruct, complicate and sell expensive solutions).

The best innovative theories are those that generate the lowest cost and highest performance applications. The only way to breach conservatism is to climb, tunnel or better to ignore their barriers and develop fully alternative progressive innovative institutions and technologies. So called radical/disruptive innovations are rarely supported by the current conservative mainstream system, because of disruption and conflict of economic interest (the disruption and conflict in fact can be efficiently managed), so I will probably not win prizes or attain any recognition, except after the fact, after it has been directly implemented and becomes mainstream. I intend however to enforce the concession of such prizes for vital cause marketing, for example via national Swedish judicial system (where the Nobel prize foundation is located) or via the advanced, lower cost, higher performance, lawless global judicial system I created (, by proving the higher application efficiency, lower cost, higher performance, in comparison with any theory ever created by humans.

Some people pretend to be humble because they think the superior have the virtue of humbleness and/or because they fear/envy superior authorities. All humans have the same intellectual potential when free from social and emotion repression, mainly from a repressive family, educational, enterprise and/or political authoritarian system that offers reward and threats punishment, generating fear/desire, subject/object duality, illusion of pain to acquire new knowledge and pleasure/tranquility to stay just where they are. But the free minded can implement this now. Everybody is born with an unified, free mind set, lose it gradually becoming dualistic, but can return to it automatically, by simply letting the mind just be, unifying it and realizing its full potential. The future must be built now, mainly to save over 50 million lives abandoned annually, to protect Humans/Planet from environment/cosmic disasters and human self/cross violence. This is caused mainly by an exaggerated perception of lack of freedom and future perspective, because of repression and lack of advanced knowledge: annually over 1 million suicides, 500 thousand homicides and an estimated 25 million semi-suicides caused directly/indirectly by intentional substance abuse (that reduces life expectancy by an estimated 25% to 50%) and around 20 million "dying" directly/indirectly from poverty. The future is always made in the present, so immediate implementation of advanced institutions and technologies will make the future now and save over 50 million lives annually.

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