MaserPipe                  EaserPipe 
LaserPipe                 GaserPipe
LaserPipe moving CO2 from Venus, H2/He/N2/CH4/H2O
from Ceres/Jupiter/Europa/Saturn/Titan to form water/atmosphere on Mars
LaserPipe moving Earth ocean
rain/vapor/clouds to desert
Carbon Molecular Sandaeropipe (MaserPipe): carbon/glass/polymer/metal fiber composite or graphene modular cylinders moving liquids (gravity/pump), gases (pressure/temperature) and solids (liquid flow).

Electron Sandaeropipe (EaserPipe): electric continuous solenoid cylinder and/or linear motor rail producing electromagnetic (photonic) flux to move solids, liquids-solids and gases-solids (magnetic full cylinder radius solid pushes liquid/gases).

Photon Sandaeropipe (LaserPipe): cylindrical straight exterior laser formation flux, interior laser sail moving solids, gases, liquids and pressure/temperature difference moving gases.

Graviton Sandaeropipe (GaserPipe): Photon solenoid (mirror/lens laser network, optic fiber) producing graviton flux to move solids, liquids, gases or to produce nuclear spiral erosion over plasma to generate black/gravitonic hole for highest speed move.

Sandaeropipes as LaserPipe can allow laser transmission through air and cloudy weather by clearing/flowing gases through inside laser cylinder quasi-vacuum formation pipe by heat/pressure difference. Sandaeroaquas LaserPipes can move ocean rain/vapor to dry land/deserts. Full circle of lasers between high temperature/pressure area and low, can have flowing gas led by laser pressure on mirror-sail in quasi-vacuum pipe. Ceres for example can supply water/vapor to Mars with a Gas Laserpipe.
Solaser Network (Sandaerolaser, Sandaeropipe, LaserPipe) can produce H2 as energy battery and C graphene material from H2O and CO2. Sun light can break marginally and inefficiently CO2 in C + O2 and H2O in H2+ O2 as it has occurred on Earth, Mars and Venus, but this lighter Oxygen and Hydrogen is mostly lost/expelled by solar winds, with heavier CO2/H2O remaining, unless O2 combines with H2 to form heavier H2O to descend beneath the CO2 as vapor and liquid.

Solar Laser (VUV Vacuum Ultraviolet Light) can increase direct conversion of CO2 into C+O2 and/or H2O into H2+O2. H2 can combine with O2 to form H2O + C (graphene or water soluble graphene oxide) deposits on glass, metal, mirror plates can be produced. A black rain of water and graphene oxide could be produced. Lasered graphene oxide can be converted to graphene. H2 can combine with O2 also to form H2O + Energy. H2O and/or H2 are great low cost batteries to store solar energy. Laser lower heat can accelerate electrolysis H2 production or higher heat plasma can break off H2 directly.

SandaeroTree can recycle CO2 under 1Km. SandaeroPipe and/or Sandaeroship can transfer CO2 from 1-10km (Troposphere) to Stratosphere (20-50km) or Mesosphere (50-90 km), changing/regulating it from being a heat insulator keeping heat in to a cooling insulator keeping heat out.
Laser lower heat can accelerates H2O electrolysis or higher heat can generate plasma break off: Laser + 2H2O = 2 H2+ O2
Laser + 2H2O = 2 H2+ O2
Laser + CO2 = C + O2
Laser Pipe full circle formation can heat ocean/river/lake/reservoir water and vapor will ascend 3km (-4 Celsius) to be condensed or channeled horizontally elsewhere to be condensed there over dry land.

Vapor can be electrolyzed faster to produce H2 or heated to plasma to produce H2 directly and ascend do 11 km at -56 Celsius, to be compressed there or channeled down to be compressed at -3km ocean depth.
+ 11 km
- 56 Celsius
+3 km
- 4 Celsius
Liquify Hydrogen
- 3 km / + 4 Celsius / 300 pa / 3 atm
Carbon Composite
Quantum Rocket
Hbat H2O Battery