Modular pile-up six way rocket
(up, down, left, right, forward, backward)
Nozzles burn biofuel/oxidizer or compresses air oxidizer in.
Sandaerocopters/Sandaerockets can be attached on the inside and/or outside corners of larger Sandaerocopters, Sandaerockets or Sandaeroships.
heat of air and/or fuel
Water Laser Rocket Sandaeroship
Carbon Composite
Quantum Rocket
LaserPipe Rocket
QUANTUM ROCKET uses Molecules, Atoms, Electrons, Photons and/or Gravitons, expelling them backward to move forward and to create quasi-vacuum to accelerate forward move. Photonic internal/external microwave/laser can heat air (atmosphere gas) when available and/or internal liquid to gas fuel. External quantum can be transmitted by external network such as Sandaeronet (microwave/photons), Solaser (laser/photons) and/or Uniqua (gaser/gravitons). Gives rocket unlimited range when added to quantum pressure impulse (mirror/laser/photons, plasma/gaser/gravitons), after initial impulse, entering a laser and/or gaser highway. External/internal Maser (molecules propelled or combusted), Easer (electrons), Laser (photons) and/or Gaser (gravitons) can clear atmosphere (quasi-vacuum) in front/rear, including Sandaeropipes, circular, spiral and/or straight configurations.
QUANTUM VACUUM or quasi-vacuum can be also molecular, atomic (ionic), electronic, photonic and gravitonic with direct correlation with potential of acceleration of a Quantum Rocket with the highest speed being achieved by a gravitonic vacuum (black hole) and gravitonic rocket/sail (gaser). Space is a quantum field that can be propelled and/or vacuumed through.
QUANTUM ENERGY, molecular, atomic (ionic), electronic, photonic and gravitonic, can come from interior and/or exterior of the rocket/vehicle. E-rocket

LASER ROCKET shifts from absorbing laser heat to reflecting laser impulse to potential speed of light: Sandaeroship can make power transition from buoyancy, propellers, fuel/air heat maser-laser rocket to mirror laser impulse in Solaser Spaceway. Laser-rocket-sail-space-ships use Solaser external lasers to gain atmosphere/gravity/space fuel acceleration, then as photonic pressure on mirror sail for space acceleration towards light speed. Geosync orbit or polar Solaser allow ground/space laser-rocket sync.
WATER ROCKET electric heat turns water to vapor, electrolysis turns vapor to hydrogen and oxygen that can recombine in combustion and/or reach plasma with interior and/or exterior photonic laser heating and exhaust impulse. Solaser Network (Sandaerolaser, Sandaeropipe/LaserPipe) can produce H2 as energy battery/fuel/plasma/exhaust impulse from H2O. Electrons/Photons lower heat can accelerates H2O electrolysis or higher heat can generate plasma break off: Electricity/Laser+2H2O=2H2+O2=Impulse.
Laser Pipe Rocket Impeller/laser circular formation heats/pumps in external gas (air, vapor, hydrogen), plasma exits side rockets, adding external energy, matter, reducing gas resistance/attrition and adding mirror-laser impulse post-gravity/atmosphere.
Exterior Laser-Pipe creates molecular vacuum outside rocket, interior Laser-Pipe sends heated gas in, laser heats gas, rocket expels plasma, mirror shuts exhaust when atmosphere/gravity cleared, laser-mirror accelerates Laser-Rocket. Land-Atmo-Geo Laser-Pipes orbital stations after Laser-Rocket flies through maintain rotating sequence of Laser impulse as Earth rotates relative to unidirectional Laser-Rocket. Venus-Earth-Moon-Mars Laser Highway add/sustain acceleration to potential light speed.

ELECTRIC ROCKET, e-rocket, uses electric energy to microwave any gas, as air, to blast plasma backward to achieve forward movement and/or electric to light/mirror photonic laser.

ROCKET CAR, Rcar module, uses water photo-electrolysis hydrogen+oxygen rocket or electric microwave/laser gas plasma e-rocket acceleration, electric linear motor acceleration, laser quasi-vacuum and laser mirror pressure acceleration, in a laser pipe (Sandaeropipe/laser), carbon composite pipe/tunnel, at highest horizontal Sandaerotrain air level, vertical Sandaerovator/tower/pyramid or underground/water tunnel.

Specialized rocket-only module that can be combined with other Sandaeorockets, Sandaerocopters (multicopter-only) and/or Sandaeroships (hybrid multicopter-rocket-airship). Sandaerocopters or Sandaerockets can be attached on the inside and/or outside corners of larger Sandaerocopters, Sandaerockets or Sandaeroships. Modules can be piled up vertically like a traditional rocket or in a pyramid configuration for a single stage or multi-stage launch and carry any quantity of cargo and/or passengers to any distance. Each module carries biofuel tank (ethanol/methanol), oxydizer tank (air/oxygen), air compressor and six way rocket nozzels to burn biofuel/oxidizer and compress air in opposite nozzle.

The bottom nozzle burns fuel/oxydizer until it has only enough to detach and return/manuever to launch site. The top/side nozzles collects and compress air on ascention. The rocket vertical ascention reaches a stationary position at orbital altitude to then ignite side rockets to reach orbital/escape velocity with no air resistance. Uses less fuel/oxydizer, can carry unlimited payloads/passengers with multi modules to any distance and is reusable/maneuvarable using six way nozzles (up/down, left/right and front/back). Maneuvarable hot (fuel+oxidizer) or cold rocket (oxidizer/air).