SANDAEROCAR, Ocar, aero-aqua-terra 4D HAI (Human Artificial Intelligence Network) OmniCar, G$/US$9950
(G$95month-G$3/day) electric car module, Algae/CO2 carbon/graphene composite cube-sphere, Home-Office, 360 all direction drive, 2 fully reclining seats, screen entertainment/work screens, mini kitchen, mini bathroom, electromagnetic sphere-wheels, chassi-motor-wheels and/or propeller ground hovering skirts with all direction 360 degrees propulsion, mini-modular rack H2/O2/H2O battery/fuel cell, replaced in 1sec, refueled in 1 min, recharged in +1hour, aero/aqua add-on (Sandaerocopter/ Sandaeroship). 4D HAI lidar/radar/sonar/camera self/remote/teledriving adds the dimension of TIME, looking at past+present data to extrapolate future defensive scenarios.

Ocar, Omni Car, is an aero-street cube-sphere, 360 all direction car multicopter that can hop-fly over traffic jams and red stop signs. Ocar is most revolutionary car in human history, in terms of lowest cost and highest performance ever. Internal 360 Sphere Screen showing outside, information and/or entertainment. Modular carbon composite Dcar/Ddrones attach to an Ocar to form an Acar. Ocar modular composite cube sphere short hop-flies over intersections, obstacles, traffic, rivers and up to connect to Dcar/Ddrones to form Acar with unlimited solar-wind-water energy production/storage.

OCAR TRAIN, in addition to all terrain wheel, aqua/aero propeller, has electric carbon train track wheels with adjustable gauge starting at standard 1.435m, allowing aero hop on/off track and door-to-door exclusive cabin rides. Human Artificial Intelligence Ocar, using laser radar/cameras, can be self/remote/pilot driven, door-to-door, using current roads/tracks, any terrain, join a routed multi-level solar-wind-wave Aqua/Aero Train or longer range Acar. Hcar refrigerated/compressed CO2 converted with light/laser and water to hydrocarbon bio-fuel, carbon graphene and/or Oxygen. Sandaerocars aqua/terra function can reduce/increase attrition with air cushion and/or wing/hydrofoils.

Sandaerocar, Dcar/Ddrone is a Delivery Drone Car, safe, weightless, H2/H2O aqua-eolic-solar, modular multicopter-airship for DELIVERY, advertising, filming, security, emergency, communication and energy. Dcars/Ddrones can supply extra energy/battery, passenger/cargo capacity and flying time for other Sandaerocars (Ocar, Acar, Hcar, Ccar) and Sandaeroships, attaching/switching on the move, bringing the energy supply station to the vehicle and/or increasing the solar-wind-water recharge/storage capacity.

SANDAEROCAR, Acar, AeroCar is a modular aquasolar flying car, unlimited range aero-aqua-terrestrial vehicle with Sandaerobat, mini water battery, H2/O2/H2O electrolyser/fuel cell (Graphene/carbon), propellers, solar panels, wind turbines, electromagnetic aqua-terrestrial sphere-wheels, zero weight/lighter-than-air and cargo/passenger cube-sphere modules. Batteries of rare or non-abundant elements have a short life by definition, despite the drop in price with mass production. They will be overcome by mass production of batteries with abundant elements such as Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen. Aerocar is an aero-aqua-terra (street) car/van/truck/bus with passenger, cargo and buoyancy-multicopter modules, to drive-park-fly anywhere, under 20kg under 400m altitute (non-regulated aircraft).

Acar is an Ocar with buoyancy/cargo/passenger modules; weight cut by H2O/H2 modules buoyancy; price target of G$/US$ 39k; water/H2 battery (electrolysis/fuel cell); aero-aqua-terra medium; unlimited range; moving/seconds charge (self/droned/laser replace/refill/recharge); weight/wind sail low energy consumption; modular unlimited cargo/passenger; carbon composite cube-sphere chassis; just-in-time (minimum inventory) mass-flex (economies of scale and scope) production island factory/hangar (Sandaerofac/Sandaerohangar). Acar Sandaerowing wing/flap has bladeless propellers. Acar zero-weight standard configuration has 11 lighter-than-air buoyant Ddrones (G$2950/module), 1 heavier-than-air Ocar (G$9950/module), with target price of G$39950, produced in tax-free Globocean, international waters.

SANDAEROCAR, Hcar, H2O Hybrid-Flex Modular Kit, Zero Emission Vehicle combustion-electric motor: exhaust/air compressor/refrigerador, exhaust/air filter/catalyser electrolyser/photolyser heater, recycle/solid/liquid CO2+Energy/Laser+H2=C(Graphene)+H2O, motor turbo compressor, recycle/battery liquid air tank, electric motor, flex fuel combustion/air generator, 4 wheel drive, electric to 60km/h then cruise combustion. 1st wheel axle: Turbo-compressor motor-generator flex-fuel (H2O Hydrogen/Oxygen, fossil, bio, gas/air) with compressed exhaust air part return cycle to motor-generator, part stored as liquid gas battery tank (low fuel consumption cruise speeds of 60 to 120 km/h). 2nd wheel axle: electric motor and electric Hbat battery/fuel cell (start, stop/go, speeds of up to 60 km/h, high fuel consumption saving). Aero-Aqua-Terra Hcar/Acar Hybrid-Flex cube structure drive-in/pick-up/latch-on/electro-magnet. Bio/fossil hydrocarbon can be recycled indefinitely with zero emission with filter/catalyst/compressor as for example 2CO2 + 3H2O + photo-electric energy = C2H6O (ethanol) + 3O2, in a macro recycling facility or mini at vehicle (target G$/US$3k combustion vehicle retrofit). CO2/Exhaust refrigeration/compression by air conditioning, refrigerating system with excessive compressed CO2 stored in tank for recycling sale (CxHxOx, xC and/or xO2) when refueling.

SANDAEROCAR, Ccar, Cubic Carbon Composite Cargo Container Car, HAI Human Artificial Intelligence, self/remote/pilot portable hardware app/software driven, door-to-door, across lands-oceans-rivers-lakes, propeller-wheel-motor aqua-terrestrial or aero pickup/recharge by Solar-Wind-Wave Ocar, Acar, Ddrone, Aqua-Aerotrain, rectangular carbon composite wall/ceiling/floor and/or interior pressurized shipping container Sandaeroblock, Multi-Function Storage, Home, Office, Store, Health, Security etc.

SANDAEROCAR, Rcar, Rocket Car module, uses water photo-electrolysis hydrogen+oxygen rocket acceleration, electric linear motor acceleration, laser quasi-vacuum and laser mirror pressure acceleration, in a laser pipe (Sandaeropipe/laser), carbon composite pipe/tunnel, at highest horizontal Sandaerotrain air level, vertical Sandaerovator/tower/pyramid or underground/water tunnel.

SANDAEROBAT, Hbat, H2O Battery, consists of mini square fuel/electrolyser cells of hydrogen, oxygen, water (empty/full) that will be used in quantities that result in different energy capacities according to number purchased. OCEANIC MASS PRODUCTION OF HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN, using solar-wind-wave energy to produce sea water electrolysis hydrogen, compress liquefied at high depth, without using compression energy and packed in mini squares for safety, cost and portability. Graphene (or carbon/glass fiber and aluminized polymer composite) electrolyser/fuel cell H2O/H2/O2 mini square. Solar/wind/wave/thermal energy stored with less electrolysis energy by breaking heated salted deep ocean water into hydrogen/oxygen in mini-containers that are safer, cheaper, easier to distribute and replace/refill/recharge. Drinking water can be also produced condensing and mineralizing water vapor. Solar mirror energy can also be used for higher efficiency than solar cells to heat water.

H2O BATTERY Sandaerobat to Replace (seconds/retailers), Refill (minutes/stations), Recharge (hours/home-enterprise-nature) anywhere don't need dangerous, expensive, larger H2 stations/tanks, storing energy in mini module fuel cells of hydrogen with over 200 times more energy density than lithium-ion batteries and almost 3 times more than gasoline. Sandaerocar with electrolysis/fuel cell circle 2H2O+Energy=2H2+O2 can be produced in mini liquid form and macro gas form in the buoyancy envelope, feeding electric propellers, fed by electric wind turbines and solar film envelope. Faster option with external Replace/Refill of 2H2, O2 and 2H20. Adding internal temperature heater/cooler control devices may also increase/decrease buoyancy. Hbat battery stores solar-wind-wave energy by breaking water energy bonds between hydrogen and oxygen. Stored gas hydrogen eliminates weight of vehicle (Ddrone, Acar, Atrain) that is then propelled by energy created when H2 recombines to O2 to form H2O, that is then broken again, re-starting cycle. Solar-wind-wave energy stored as hydrogen, lightest most abundant element in universe, with photo-electrolysis of water vapor, reduces weight of solids transported on gas/air, liquid/ocean mediums, reducing energy use as it converts back to water/energy. Air/water drag is reduced by multi modular cube-sphere configuration that allows air/water to flow or be propelled through the structure. Ccar, Ocar, Dcar, Acar, Rcar can be used solo or combined as aqua/aero-ship/train for cargo/passenger transportation.

BOTCAR, Sandaerobot, mobile human-like Avatar-Robot AI, self-drives/serves vehicle/passenger/cargo inside/outside.
LIFECAR, Sandaerolife, Omnicar/Aerocar, ambulance/clinic, Individual Universal Immunotherapy, Permanent Life Module.
AERONET, Sandaeronet, supplies energy directly to aero-aqua-terrestrial fixed and/or moving vehicles/homes/enterprises.
Quantic networks: Sandaeronet (Enet)/Electric (electrons); Sandaerolaser (Solaser)/Photonic (photons); Sandaerograv (Uniqua)/Gravitonic (gravitons). Land train tracks and car streets/roads/highways can be electrified with AeroTrain/Aeronet solar-wind energy with e-drone/e-cart/e-track/e-lane wireless/groove/point/patch capturing external electric energy for Sandaerocar (Ocar, Acar, Hcar) or any current electric/hybrid car.
OTEL/ATEL: Free sponsored entertaining transportation opens city expansion with lower housing cost and higher quality.
Independent or AeroTrain cabin Ocars/Acars with 360 Television Screen can connect home to office or home-office Otel/Atel.
OCARGO/ACARGO: Modular aero-aqua-terra Cargo Ocars/Acars/Ccars.
ASHIP: Mega Acar-Drone-Truck-Crane for Port-less Ship, solar-wind-sail energy, propulsion, Hbat energy storage photo-electrolysis H2O to H2.

Obot/Ocar/Olife: Obot is an Ocar (Omni all direction cube-sphere) mobile chair that can recline fully horizontal or stand fully vertical for internal (strap-on safety belt), remote or self control. Olife is an Ocar/Obot with full PLM, Permanent Life Module.
Abot/Acar/Alife: Abot is an Acar (Aero Ocar with additional buoyant Dcar modules) mobile Avatar exoskeleton (compacted/slimmed Obot to mimic human skeleton). Alife is an Acar with an Abot with full PLM, Permanent Life Module, compacted/slimmed to fit Abot exoskeleton.
Nbot/Ncar/Nlife: Nbot is an Ncar (Neuro Ocar with additional bio-neural network computing/cell bank) independent Abot Avatar exoskeleton (compacted/slimmed Obot to mimic human skeleton) with additional bio-cells/tissues/organs, capable of dual mitotic donation of 1/2 of bio-cyber body to DNA donor human. Nlife is an Ncar with an Nbot, bio-cyber doctor-donor.
Omni Terrestrial, Car Module Electromagnetic Sphere-Wheels, Motor-Wheels and/or propeller ground hovering skirts with 360 all direction propulsion, electric carbon train track wheels with adjustable gauge, allowing aero hop on/off track, door-to-door exclusive cabin.
Mini Water/Liquid Battery
Water to/from Hydrogen/Oxygen
Mini-Squares Rack
Mass Produced
Solar-wind-wave Energy
Ocean Depth Compressed H2
Mass Retail
Recharge Anywhere
Replace Under 30 Seconds
Refill in Specialized Stations
Hbat H2/H2O Battery
Macro Vapor/Gas
Sandaeroblock detach terrestrial electric Omni car
Sandaerocopter detach aero propeller multicopter
Sandaeroship detach aero buoyant aeroship


with all direction
360 degrees
Zero Emission Hcar Hybrid-Flex Modular Kit
exhaust/air compressor
liquid air tank
LifeCar AeroAmbulance