Solar Laser Nuclear Fusion


Hydrogen Plasma

Energy + Helium
La Grange Points
Relative Stable to
Satellite, Star and Planet

Laser Pipe Center Hits Center Fusion Ignition Hydrogen Pellet
Laser Pipe Sphere pressures
H2 plasma
towards center Fusion Ignition Hydrogen Pellet
Sandaerofusion is a Solar Laser Fusion technology system with the lowest cost and highest performance. Lasers hit small points/pellets of hydrogen fuel by all directions, creating high pressure high temperature like Sun, producing Helium and photonic energy as end result. Helium can be used for buoyancy lighter than air structuring for aircraft, energy and construction as Sandaeroship, Sandaeronet and Sandaeroblock, replacing or complementing hydrogen. Concave/Convex mirrors/lenses concentrate sun rays to single point that can be rebounded into a spherical network that can heat water for thermal energy and hydrogen for fusion higher energy to than heat more water for thermal energy and/or photonic cell energy. The key is feeding hydrogen pellets/flow into initial fusion point to be able to raise the process to a continuous fusion and energy generation instead of a flash single point in time energy, from pulsating lasers on pellets to a continuous growing process. This can be achieved with Solaser Solar Laser Network, hitting the target hydrogen plasma fuel by all sides with growing circular beams, replicating the pressure and heat of the interior of the sun. NUCLEAR FISSION PLANTS MUST CONVERT TO LASER THERMAL NUCLEAR FUSION.

Laser Fusion Sphere Network can receive laser beams from the exterior and rebound them to a focus point in the interior, delivering a steady and growing multi directional centered beam at the center, creating a growing plasma of hydrogen that will eventually fuse its protons, liberating more energy than the input energy (photons/electrons), heating water for thermal generator or beaming photons as a mini-sun to be captured by mirrors, lenses (photon-photon to electron generator) or solar panels (photon to electron). It's a much better alternative to failed traditional, expensive and complicated, with supposed barrier of entry against competitors turned into a barrier of entry period for a so far failed technology, the toroid tokamak electromagnetic reactors seeking heat of +10 times (150 million Celsius) the heat of the interior of the sun (+15 million Celsius) or 25 times the heat of surface of the sun (5 million Celsius), supposedly to compensate the lack of pressure from a weak magnetic field generated to contain the plasma, spending hundreds of billions and incredible amounts of energy to fail to generate a sustainable significant energy surplus.

The Sun is a free source of energy releasing huge amounts of free moving photons into the solar system and beyond. This free distribution energy system can be captured on a planet or vehicle and used to create a local smaller fusion reactor to produce more energy than the input, needing to concentrate laser photonic heat/pressure on hydrogen plasma until protons are fused, photon-energy is emitted resulting in helium creation, the best cost-benefit technology, closely replicating the billion year tested Sun.
Mini-Suns can be created at La Grange point L2 with hydrogen fusion energy ignition/supply from Solaser La grange point L3, L4, L5. Electro-photonic/magnetic Mini-Shields (electric/photonic/gravitonic mirror/solenoid) at La grange point L1 and for Mini-Suns.
Replicates at a macro lasered hydrogen heavy metal pellet (palladium/tungsten) planetary orbital scale, the fusion that occurs naturally at Sun mega scale and artificially at an experimental micro scale with a lasered hydrogen (deuterium/tritium) pellet.
Solar Laser Nuclear Fusion generates energy before fusion with hydrothermal vapor, than photo-electrolysis vapor to hydrogen plasma energy, than laser piped to all direction pressure center fusion, ignited by already proven to fuse hydrogen pellet that is than fed by hydrogen plasma laser piped in a circular laser configuration with a laser center hitting the pellet and with hydrogen plasma between center-circle pressured by full sphere laser towards center.

Solar mirror/lens laser deflecting/concentrating photon energy to panel (low), thermal (medium), fusion (high), wind/wave/hydro turbines, sewage/organic garbage bio-digesters and geo-thermal can make real estate units energy independent or seller/buyer to/from energy electric and/or photonic network. Sun is a free fusion reactor with free solar photon wave/laser distribution via panel/film, thermal or re-fusion at any scale of small/large real estate/vehicle. Most Solar photons are lost into Multiverse, but can be confined in mirror/lens closed system.