CEO/CTO Alexandre Napoli Costa
AlexNapoli (at)
(Global Direct Democracy of Entrepreneurs)
Santos Dumont Aerosystems
Email: sandaero (at) sandaero . com
Globocean - Global Ocean Aerospace Federation
South Atlantic - Suite 5 - Ship 1 - Doc 1 - North Port - Platform 1
Rio Ocity - 400 Km Offshore Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazil

Rua Tomas Gonzaga 802 #704 Lourdes
Belo Horizonte MG BRASIL 30180-140

Globocean - Global Ocean Aerospace Federation
North Atlantic - Suite 5 - Ship 1 - Doc 1 - North Port - Platform 1
NY Ocity - 400 Km Offshore New York City NY USA

10 West End Ave # 29A Manhattan
New York NY USA 10023-7809
Twitter: @sandaerosystems
skype: alexnapoli2000
Sandaero, SANtos Dumont AEROsystems, is a Society of Aerospacial AeroNautics for Development of AEROsystems, having as honorary-founder the aviation, globalization, pacification pioneer, Alberto Santos Dumont and as founder-coordinator, Alexandre Napoli Costa, Institutional, Industrial and Technology economist-administrator. The objective is to create ultra low cost or sponsored free aerosystems for transportation, energy, sanitation, navigation, construction, communication, information and entertainment, as a tool for the expansion and development of a free, pacific, global and universal society. Most humans live in overcrowded, high cost, low quality and monopolistic infra-structure cities or scattered inland with no or low productivity infrastructure, while most of Earth's available space and infra-structure resources remain unused, underused and misused. We developed a technology tool to make living infra-structure ultra low cost and high quality, allowing it to be optionally free by financing using entertaining advertising and sponsorship funds, allowing mobile and expanding occupation of the mostly empty continental lands, oceans, atmosphere and outer space, creating an expanding free global and universal society.