Independent Bio Clone developed by Permanent Life Fluid Incubator with genetic code, gametes or embryo stored/transmitted/delivered by cryofreezer, quantum communication, photonic/gravitonic sail mini-vehicle to intra/interplanetary colonies.

The Permanent Life Fluid Incubator is the Reproduction and Gestation Module of the Permanent Life Module that can preserve Embryonic/Fetal Life or Adult Genetic/Informatic Life. It can equip Hospitals, Clinics of Reproduction/Gestation to replace abortion practice/clinics and for gamete/cloning reproduction.

Currently, dry incubators can receive wanted/unwanted fetus, transferred from the mother/fetus at risk or from unwanting mother, after between 5-8 month of gestation, but with development risks to the fetus. A Fluid Incubator, replicating the mother's womb environment with amniotic fluid, is more effective in terms of healthy fetus formation and could bring that time frame bellow 5 months.

The full development of semi-cloned (2 parent gamete DNAs) or cloned (1 parent DNA) embryo is also possible and may fully replace the natural gestation process, specially when there may be health and/or productivity risks for the mother.
Permanent Life
Fluid Incubator