Sandaeropass, AeroApp, BIOPASS, a biosafe biometric aero-aqua-terrestrial transportation passenger/passport hardware/software global system/application. It's a global door-to-door passenger transportation system. It's a mobile cellular-to-cellular global geolocation biometric passport, password, database, network, financial and social media ID platform. It can be used for control in passenger transportation, communication, financial, judicial, political and health systems, as in checking in and out of a physical or virtual unit. Information available for individual and social security purposes with ultimate goal of total freedom of global circulation.

Sandaeropass can be used as a cell Global Universal VoteApp with citizen confirming vote at local ATM, with mail in printout vote signed and with barcode scan sent to local authorities, a three independent layer of security to create a Secure Global Universal Voting System. Security systems must include observable barriers/alarms as encryption/passwords and non-observable delayed traps where the entrapped does not know, cannot predict or stop multi delayed investigation tracking facilitators as false usable data with tracking secret alarm and information. Digital Direct Democracy triple biometric system (ATM, Computer, Cellular), citizens can make propositions, as Independence and vote in 2 rounds.

Sandaeropass uses an internet connected text/audio/visual interface, as a cell phone, to register, identify and update information about the user, eliminating the need for time consuming costly bureaucracy. Biosafety system consists of analyzing temperature and other biometrics (face/eyes), microfluid tests for pathogens and connection/verification with medical database.

In current transportation technology, a bus can be integrated directly to an airplane on the runway, without the need for airport terminals. Also in advanced silent VTOL aircraft (Vertical Take Off and Landing) as Sandaeroship, the real time data and audiovisual of the passengers/cargo can automatically be made available for national/international officials, for any and all purposes. Sandaeropass can replace all national passports, visas, voting/work/residence/identity cards, driver's license, credit/debit cards, non-lethal arms/ ammunition license, home-arrest monitoring, criminal/damage records, health/social security system service/records and rent/property/fractional property record/usage system for vehicles and real estate.

All lethal weapon/ammunition licenses/possessions, death penalties and penitentiary or local detention cells are damaging, illegal and unconstitutional. A potential aggressor can be neutralized by the use of non-lethal force, home-arrest and Sandaeropass monitoring by democratic/efficient organizations, guaranteeing human rights. Used by Sandaero, Global Ocean Aerospace Federation (, Global Mobile Judicial System ( and Global Mobile Medical System ( to protect individual freedom and Permanent Life.

Sandaeropass has a target database of over 8 billion global citizens and counting. Individual and social protection can be achieved registering and updating INFORMATIC LIFE: face, finger, palm, iris, voice, passwords, DNA, medical history, biography, ancestry, professional CV/resumé and memory (text/audio/video interface and when possible direct download/upload via NEURAL INTERFACE of memory including social-economic history, knowledge, experience and creativity). It can connect individuals to global network Sandaeronet, a Global Laser Network of atmospheric/space satellites, for low cost or free, navigation, communication, database and energy.